Earth Charter Initiative Group on LinkedIn

25 Aug 2014  Earth Charter International, in an effort to foster more discussion on sustainable development, sustainability ethics, the Earth Charter, and related topics, invites all members of the Earth Charter community to join the new Earth Charter Initiative LinkedIn discussion group.  read more

Report "What the New Deal can learn from the human security approach"

04 Aug 2014  Scoping study on human security: a multi-level grounded approach towards the New Deal. read more

Call for Papers Conference Past, Present & Future of Peace Research

01 Aug 2014  This year the University of Groningen celebrates its 400th anniversary. A short, but remarkable episode in that long history has been coloured by three decades of peace research at the Polemological Institute (1962-1993), based in the Faculty of Law. Its origins and end seem to symbolize the Cold War period, and global concerns about nuclear weapons. Yet, its agenda was much wider, including peace education, conflict management and development studies. These agendas are still alive, and currently in Groningen most manifestly coordinated by the interfaculty centre for Globalisation Studies (GSG). read more


Peace and Conflict Studies
The focus on peacebuilding in contexts of recurrent conflict constitutes one of the main niches of this programme. ›
Water and Peace
Water Diplomacy and Water Dialogues will be main themes within the programme Water and Peace. ›
Urban Peace and Security
This programme focuses on the challenges of urban peace in cities around the world. ›

In the spotlight

Thesis Prize "Visions on Peace"2014

Is your Master’s thesis on peace and security issues? Then you can compete for the thesis prize "VISIONS ON PEACE’’ and win 1500 Euros!
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Educational services offered by UPEACE The Hague in 2013-2014

In the academic year 2013-2014 UPEACE The Hague will again contribute to the educational curriculum of the International Public Management programme of The Hague University of Applied Sciences.
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Earth Charter The Netherlands

Recently UPEACE The Hague joined forces with NCDO (a Dutch expertise and advisory centre for citizenship and international cooperation) and Inner Sense (coaching and training); together they form the Dutch Earth Charter Committee.
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